Rebecca Gaffney is a Brooklyn-based video and installation artist/musician/writer who works with out-of-phase strobe light, reflections in live camera feedback, light/vid/music improv, transcendence, happenings, epic collaborations, aerial views, and “new shit.”


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  1. You don’t even have the decency to wait for my response. Thank you.

    I won’t participate in the Victim Olympics, because neither of us will admit that the other has a leg to stand on, but I will say 35 years of misdiagnosed bipolar disorder and multiple hospitalizations might just qualify me in the physical health stakes, the failure of conventional medicine, and its imperfect assistance. Ever had ECT? I have. I take meds every day which keep me saner than in the past, but by no means sane or safe. I still think about suicide daily.

    As far as the white male accusation goes, I’ll only say this: relatives of mine were not given tattoos and sent to the ovens because they were white and your people stood by and did nothing. Today, it’s “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!”, but when people stop trying to want to kill me because of my genetics, you will have a right to call me white.

    Best wishes,


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